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Coming up with a plan

Have you recently moved into a property with an established garden? You're possibly considering the options for how you maintain it? For some, it's an easy decision- appoint a gardener or garden services company. Alternatively, you may have decided to give it a go yourself.

If you're relatively new to gardening, you might have some concerns here as the garden may have been nicely looked after by its previous owner. You obviously don't want to undo all that care by doing the wrong thing, as your beautiful garden was probably a contributory factor to your purchasing the property, but neither can you just leave it, as gardens do need to be maintained.

Even if you appoint a gardener, you want to be sure that they are maintaining it in a sympathetic manner. So how do you ensure this consistency, so that the garden continues to look as it's always looked?

The best way to do this is to have a maintenance plan for the garden, which clearly sets out how the it should to be maintained throughout the year. This needs to reflect how you'd like the garden to look and 'feel' of course. We believe the ambience of a garden is very important, particularly for more established gardens, and it's easy to ruin this with an unsympathetic gardening style. So a maintenance plan should start with, and be led by, the ambience you're trying to create.

Our maintenance plans reflect the amount of gardening know-how you feel you have. We divide your garden into areas and we talk about what needs to be done when. The plan will give you a good sense of whether you feel comfortable to maintain it yourself, or appoint a gardening contractor to look after it for you, in which case the plan will provide them with the necessary briefing to care for your garden the way you'd like it to be looked after.

If you'd like us to visit your garden and talk about maintenance plans, do get in touch. We'd be delighted to help!

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