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Happy place or sad place?

Tough month, January. Christmas is over for another year. The month seems to go on forever, it's freezing and the mornings are still so dark. Your garden is probably the last thing on your mind at the moment. Maybe, it just looks sad, bleak and uninviting- just lots of brown stalks, mud, fallen leaves all over the place, with the old Christmas tree taking pride of place, forlornly flopping from side to side like a beached whale.

All a bit depressing. Maybe we'll just keep the curtains closed and tackle the garden over the Easter weekend.

And yet it doesn't need to be that way.

You could be out in your garden in January. Granted it's a wee bit cold at times but on a nice day, the sun's rays could be working their magic on your soul - it's clinically proven that a bright day outside really does make a difference to your state of mind. You could be enjoying the scent from some winter shrubs, planting some winter bedding or eagerly awaiting the first of the spring bulbs.

Gardens can offer a lot of interest in the Winter months. If yours doesn't, then maybe we can help.

At The Scottish Country Gardener, we believe that the garden is a place to be enjoyed every month, including mid-Winter. If your garden just makes you feel sad at this time of year, do get in touch and we'll come out and visit you. We promise we won't be critical. Instead, we'll come up with an affordable plan to re-energise you and your garden, so that it becomes your happy place!

Get in touch with us today!

Best wishes


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