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Hello, and thanks for dropping by!

Updated: Jan 25

Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to The Scottish Country Gardener! If the name sounds vaguely familiar, then you might be following our sister site @thescottishcountrygarden on Instagram. Feel free to follow us, or find out more about the garden at

Last autumn, I took early retirement and decided to set up this new Garden Consulting and Coaching business, having been an amateur gardener for over (actually well over!) 40 years!

Over that time, I've amassed quite a lot of knowledge about plants and gardening, and I'm really keen to share what I've learned. This website hopefully illustrates the kinds of help I can give you, but if it doesn't have quite what you're after, please just drop me an email at, and I'll be in touch.

And don't forget to check in with this website from time to time, as I'll be posting occasional blogs full of useful hints and tips!

Best wishes and Happy Gardening


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