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"Lovely garden, but you’ll need a gardener…”

For those who've recently moved into an established garden, the above quote, usually from a well-meaning parent or friend, might sound familiar.

It's well intentioned for sure but may not necessarily be what you wanted to hear. For sure, your response might well be 'yes, absolutely and we're going to hire one' in which case read no further!

But I reckon most of us set out with the intention of doing the garden ourselves. The trouble is that a comment like this fills you with self-doubt, it wobbles your confidence and extinguishes the flames of excitement at taking on this exciting new challenge. That sinking feeling that you have taken on one challenge too many takes over, and it can be hard to shake.

But let's not panic. Let's assume you do have at least some time to do some gardening and that you're reasonably fit. If that's the case, we think we can help you achieve the challenge you've taken on! We can look at the space you have, audit the amount of work it might require (and when it might require it), earmark the priority areas (that will make the biggest impact) and suggest time- and cost-saving tips in the process.

Gardening is a fantastic hobby - it's food for the soul and body in one package, and the satisfaction of maintaining your own garden (and showing it to others) is huge! So we believe that if you want to look after your own garden, you absolutely should! Our goal is to facilitate that!

Get in touch today if you'd like some help 'getting started' with your new space!

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