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So what should we do first?

We're starting to get some lovely Spring-like days, with blue skies. Your new garden will be showing signs of life, and may already be revealing some secrets, in the form of early snowdrops and maybe some little blue or yellow crocus.

On beautiful sunny days, you get a natural urge to get out that spade and start turning over that soil, or to get out that hedgetrimmer and start wielding it like a light-sabre! But is that the best course of action?

Well, if the garden's new to you, or, perhaps better, you're new to it, the answer most definitely is 'no'! Set too with a spade or a hoe at this time of year, and you may slice through the growing shoots of an entire season of herbaceous plants and bulbs, all of which may be lurking just below the surface, ready to spring forth during the next 6 weeks or so. Believe me , it's easily done, even if you think you know what's planted there!

And that hedgetrimmer? Leave it until the Summer now. The birds are building their nests and insects are still hibernating, so, if you value wildlife in your garden, wait until July or so. And cutting into green shrubs at this time of the year, when frosts are still highly likely, might turn your evergreens to everbrowns!

So, what should you get from the shed then? A brush, a square/toothed rake and a pair of eyes- yours! Brushing the paths makes a big difference - it's amazing how much grot builds up over the Winter! You may discover you have lovely patterning in your pavers or fine York stone slabs, which look beautiful when wet. Then gently, and I do mean gently, use your plastic, square-toothed rake (not one of those metal ones, please, and not pointed teeth! You can pick up cheap plastic ones from your local Big Shed for a tenner), to tease off the leaves from your lawn and borders to see what lies beneath. But do be gentle - snowdrops, aconites and crocus will be up and flowering, and daffodils may be well on their way.

And there's one other thing you'll need - a shed-load of patience! Take time each week to really look over your new garden. I guarantee that you'll be able to spot the difference from the previous week!

If you'd like some advice on how to manage and maintain your garden over the next few months, as you get to know it, do get in touch! We'd love to meet you and can put together a bespoke maintenance plan for you.

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