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“So what is it that you actually do, then?”

Well, hopefully the website has helped a little but I know, there is quite a lot on there, so let me synthesise this a bit.

In a nutshell, we help you get the most from your garden. We take a view that you'll want to do the work yourself and that you're not looking to do a major makeover, involving a garden designer, for example.

You may be new to the wonderful world of gardening or you may have some experience. You may have just bought your first property (with a garden or space for one) or you may have acquired an established one.

So you're maybe looking for a friend, a gardening buddy, who can help you make sense of your space - 'what to plant where', 'will it grow', 'should I cut it back?'' Can I move it?'

It might be 'what should I tackle first' or 'what do I need to do to keep it like this?'

It might be all about prioritising - 'what should I prioritise in the time I have available?'

Or it might be that you feel that your garden is just one long list of problems, and it's getting you down.

If you recognise any of these scenarios, then we can help you.

Drop me an email and we'll fix a time when you're free. An initial meeting costs you nothing. We can look at your garden, discuss your requirements and I'll come back to you with a proposal and a quote. We'll then fix a longer meeting where we'll talk about solutions and I'll follow this up with a report that summarises what we've discussed. Oh, and I'll provide 3 months of online support to cover off anything we didn't discuss.

Sure, we do bespoke reports too, but we reckon that must of our clients will be more interested in the above. If you are, do get in touch!

Looking forward to 'talking gardens' with you!


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